Jim’s Long Haul Trucker

My buddy Jim is great. On top of being inspiring, wise beyond his years, and one of the kindest and most genuine people I know, he’s also a badass cyclist and a great bike mechanic. We’ve ridden together a few times and we’re planning on riding more and further. Jim has shared cycling stories that span his entire life. He’s recounted tales of biking from childhood to adulthood, with friends and solo, and more. I really love hearing about the trips he took with his brother when they were younger, and one fixture in those rides was his brother’s Surly Long Haul Trucker. Back to the present, and Jim’s brother is getting married. Jim wants to give a great gift, something meaningful and useful. So he decides to fix up that old Surly Long Haul Trucker his brother toured on years earlier, pass it on to someone new, and give the proceeds from the sale to the newlyweds. All that’s missing is the keepsake. That’s where Jim brought me in.

We photographed this beautiful bike and its exquisitely selected parts in a favorite local park. This way, there would be attractive keepsake bike portraits for him and his brother long after the bike has taken its new owner over miles of road. But these images were also used in the sale ad, and boy did it sell!

Thanks for letting me shoot your bike, Jim. And to any local folks reading this and thinking how nice some keepsake photos of your own bike would be… hit me up!

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