A Shimmering December Day

We pointed the Civic south down the 101 and drove for an entire day. Wind whipped rain against the glass as a December storm ravaged the west coast. Long past sundown, around 6, we pull into the driveway for the cabin and rush our bags and ourselves inside. We drew deep breaths. Our long awaited moment of relaxation was finally here.

By morning the rain had stopped, and the clouds had parted to reveal a cute little seaside town on a stretch of wild and gorgeous sandy shore. Sea stacks rose from the Pacific surf, shorebirds wheeled about. Eager to explore it all, we locked down our meal plan, finished our errands, stocked our fridge. Greg and I drove out to survey the scene, to find the perfect spot for an afternoon of adventure. It didn’t take long; the perfect spot was a 20 minute walk from our cabin. For the rest of the evening we relaxed, moving between the hot tub and the plush couches, forgetting the seemingly endless troubles of the wider world. 

The next day dawned bright and vivid. We woke eagerly, well rested, prepared for an adventurous day with a hearty breakfast. Bags were packed, plans were discussed, and we tied on our boots. The sun was shining bright and the air was a crisp 45 degrees. A perfect day. We placed the squares of paper on our tongues and walked down to the beach, giggling all the way.

All I can say is that it was perfect. A shimmering December day.

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